Why go for PDO?

PDO threads is a leading non-surgical treatment used to achieve facial rejuvenation. Providing immediate, long lasting results with minimal post treatment downtime. It is the perfect option for those who are considering a face lift but would like to avoid the surgery, we urge you to explore this option!

The ‘thread’ in a PDO thread lift consists of the material similar to that used for stitches in hospital. The same dissolvable sutures are slightly modified with tags allowing them to anchor into the tissue. A special blunt needle is used to pass the thread safely under the skin in specific areas to achieve the best cosmetic result.

It is crucial to acknowledge that as we get older the deeper layers of our skin lose some key components such as collagen and elastin, causing wrinkle and lines to develop on the surface of our skin. PDO threads can be safely inserted into the deep layers of skin, the tags then hold onto the skin, so that when it tightens it pulls the skin up. Flattening out any lines or wrinkles and helping to shape your skin to your natural look. Resulting in you immediately having a face or body lift.

But the pros don’t stop there, PDO threads actually improve their effect over time. As the sutures breakdown and are naturally absorbed by the body, our skin leaves in place collagen which is key in providing the skin with youthful properties. Despite the threads dissolving away, you skin is left with a revitalised deeper layer of skin increasing the rejuvenating lift.

Although PDO threads are generally a safe and well tolerated procedure, being able to do this safely and effectively, requires an in-depth knowledge of the facial anatomy and its safe zones as well as intricate understanding of how to get the best cosmetic effect. UK Aesthetics Clinic have undergone extensive training and always research the latest practices. Our aestheticians would never give you a result that doesn’t suit you, so please be aware that occasionally we may refuse treatments altogether. PDO thread lift treatment can achieve amazing and dramatic results in a very short period of time. It is best to prepare yourself for the fact that your face may look different, during your consultation with us you will get a full overview of what to expect from PDO threads. If you would like to start your journey towards feeling and looking amazing, then call us today on 01706 254173.