The UK Aesthetics Clinic,  specialise in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. With our aim to not only improve the look but the well being of our clients too. Our team do their upmost to ensure that all our clients feel welcome, comfortable and know that their individual needs and expectations will be met. 

We have created this section on our website so that you can see all the products we recommend using as well as read about why we think the products are must haves. Please note that the skin care ranges are available to purchase in our clinic, while the suggested supplements are provided with a link to websites where you can buy them.


Using Fernblock technology this is a photo protection treatment range. Using a number of ingredients, including restorative chemicals and antioxidants, that protect us from Ultraviolet A and B rays. Heliocare helps to protect and repair the skin from solar radiation using Vitamin C, Vitamin E, green tea extract and more. The formula can be applied through an ointment directly on to the skin.

Image Skin Care.

A skin care range we are proud to be a supplier of. Image is powered by safe, proven ingredients and smart botanicals, they believe everyone deserves to have healthy happy skin and to Age Later. With the skin care range available in over 52 countries it means that Image has adopted a multinational, multicultural approach to skin care and leaves no skin type behind. Our professionals have been educated by Image and their range, meaning we can support you to achieve your skin goals without it feeling like a chore.

Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil.

A crucial factor to a balanced diet, and essential for both good health and well being would be ensuring you are taking Omega-3 fatty acids. However, the majority of people don’t include a sufficient amount into their diet; this results in a number of symptoms such as brittle nails, energy deficiency and mood swings. We recommend taking Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil, the best fish oil on the market. This oil is easy to digest and exceptionally rich in Superfood Nutrition. 


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Dr Mercola - Vitamin D Sunshine Mist.

In the UK it is estimated that 1 in 5 people are deficient in Vitamin D. Having such a deficiency can cause a number of problems, including fatigue, tiredness, hair loss, muscle pain and depression. In the majority of cases, a Vitamin D deficiency will be caused by the lack of sunlight exposure or an unbalanced diet. We recommend Dr Mercola, Sunshine Mist, Vitamin D. This is perfect for Vitamin D deficient users who are struggling to include this in their diet. 5 sprays onto your tongue once a day will boost your Vitamin D levels and reduce the symptoms.

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Tonic Alchemy - Dragon Herbs

Nourishing the whole body, Tonic Alchemy- Dragon Herbs contains 91 organic ingredients that are globally sourced and easy to digest. The blend of amazing ingredients supports detoxification, boosts immune responses and builds the blood. It is a natural alchemical, life enhancing nutritional complex, that fills the Superfood Nutritional gap that the majority of individuals are not  able to bridge daily.


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UK Aesthetics Clinic

The supplements we have recommended have worked for us. But please note that we aren’t healthcare professionals. They can have a powerful effect and are designed to work in conjunction with a healthy diet and a exercise programme. Always make sure to follow the manufacturers’ directions and advised dosages. You are strongly advised to consult with your general practitioner before taking any supplements you may be unsure of or if you intend on making any major dietary changes. 

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