The Differences of Male Skin

Men, just like women do face very similar skin issues like aging, sensitivity, acne and pigmentation. But it is important to remember that the male skin is different in comparison to female skin. And because of those differences, major benefits are found from taking a tailored and dedicated approach to skincare to keep their skin at its natural best. Here at the UK Aesthetics Clinic we wanted to share with you some of key differences between men and women’s skin.

  • Thickness, on average male skin is approximately 20% thicker than female skin. It contains more collagen and has a tighter, firmer appearance. The collagen content of male skin reduces at a constant rate, whereas females are affected later in life, particularly after the menopause.
  • Men have more active sebaceous glands hence more pores in comparison to women. Their production of sebum is double that of women, so male skin is oilier and shinier. As a result, its pH is lower than female skin and is prone to impurities and acne.

We understand that each individual is unique and we want everyone to reach their skin’s full potential. That’s why we hold skin consultations, where you can confidently and confidentially talk to our skin experts about any issues or questions you have about your skin. If you would like to learn more about your skin then feel free to contact our reception team on 0176 595311.


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