Dermal Fillers, What You Need To Know

Dermal Fillers are more popular than ever, there is no arguing that fact. They are well-known and well-loved for their ability to smooth away wrinkles and reduce many common signs of aging. With age you may find yourself looking a little tired even if you don’t feel that way. This is because of the lost volume that often leads to fine lines, wrinkles and sagginess resulting in an overall down-turned and fatigued appearance. With the help of dermal filler you are able to gain back your vibrant and youthful looking skin.


How do Dermal Fillers work? 

Skin is made up of three vital layers: the hypodermis, the dermis and the epidermis. The hypodermis, the deepest level of skin, consists of fatty tissue, which cushions the layers above it. Immediately on top of that is the dermis, which contains collagen and elastin – two key attributes to a youthful appearance. Constantly renewed in the young, production of these slow dramatically with age. The epidermis, or top layer, is the home of crucial cell renewal. In young skin, cells are replaced every 15-30 days, but this slows to every 60 days in later adulthood.
Dermal filler replaces lost volume and treats static facial lines by replenishing the natural hyaluronic acid content of the skin. It is injected directly under the skin using a fine needle.

The treatment is relatively quick and can be made to be comfortable with the application of local anaesthetic. It is important to remember that, the length of time you see the results from your treatment will be different as it depends on a variety of factors, such as what filler was used and how much exercise you use.  Our team of professionals will guide you to decide which filler is best for your desired results and will provide you with expert advice to keep your results long lasting.

Some of the ways dermal fillers can reawaken your features;

  • Under the eyes: darkness beneath the eyes is caused by your bone structure and poor lighting don’t go away no matter how much sleep you have. With dermal filler we can add volume, reducing the “shadowed” effect and helping you appear more rested and awake.
  • Lips: thin, wrinkled or asymmetrical lips can be a lifelong concern or simply a normal effect of aging. Whatever the cause, if your lips aren’t as full as you’d like dermal fillers are now a well-established way to add volume.


We are proud to offer a variety of filler injections here at the UK Aesthetics Clinic to help achieve a youthful and revitalised looking you. When artfully combined together, these products can often profoundly bring out your natural radiance and take years off your look. If you have any more questions please take a look at our website page linked here or contact our amazing reception team on 01706 595311 


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